We are far from plain. That's just where we live. Right here, in the house our great-grandfather built before there were trees here to build it with. We tie sheepshanks and half-windsors. We drive John Deeres and Jaguars. We know how to treat a lady and skin a buck. Our days are brief, bitter, and blustery, or hopelessly hot and humid. Ask us if we give a damn. We are out here in it, because on the prairie there is nowhere to hide. Only the vast plains could contain such mountainous men. We are husbands, dads, and dreamers; adventurous, hardworking, and handsome. We are renaissance men. The manliest of men have called these great plains home, and our work is an ode to them. The Plainsman is your guide to life as a man on the Northern Plains, redefining what it means to be manly and encouraging readers, wherever they might be from, to become better, manlier men.