I spent last week in bed with strep throat.

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt that sick, and it was terrible not being able to sing, but the downtime provided me an opportunity to mull over and make notes on the way my new EP was coming along.

Through plugged ears and tired eyes, I was able to slog through the mixing process. Thanks to technology and a skilled engineer, the process was quick and mostly painless. It is now complete, and the record is sounding great. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

The tracks are now in the hands of a mastering engineer in Chicago who will put the final, sonic touches on the record. Few people listen to albums from front to back these days, but I’m passionate about creating a record that flows thematically and stylistically from one song to the next. Mastering engineers use a slew of magic tricks to optimize a record’s overall tone and address minute details to ensure a record maintains a cohesive and coherent sound from track to track. They polish and wax the finished product and give it its showroom shine.

There are all sorts of administrative tasks that come with the territory of releasing a record, so while I’m working my way through that list, I’m balancing the mundane nature of these responsibilities with album artwork ideas and booking shows for the months ahead. 

Want me to visit your town or venue? Get in touch with me!

My live show will continue to evolve to reflect the direction that the record is taking me. Expect a more nuanced, full-band approach to my live performances as time goes on. And be on the lookout for details about a record release show.

I’ll be teasing bits and pieces of the record in the near future, so stay tuned.