It happened, you guys.

My EP is tracked and ready to be mixed.

And I made it out alive—no heart attacks, no ulcers, no breakdowns.

Trevor Ferguson, Dan Ludeman, Jesse Brauning, Krystal Pederson, Luke Lynass and Ben Brodin are a bunch of saints. (What’s higher than a saint? An angel? The pope? Well, that’s what Sarah Engbers is.) 

Their contributions will make this record what it is. I am fortunate to have such talented and generous people in my life.

Our engineer/producer did an amazing job of quelling the panic I described in last week’s post. 

It was just a great experience all around. 

The studio was even better than I expected it to be. 

Photo Cred: Trevor Ferguson

Photo Cred: Trevor Ferguson

It felt as much like a museum as it did a studio. 

Name an iconic piece of gear—they had it. 

I don’t think I used a microphone made after the 1970s, and I recorded my vocals on a Neumann M49 previously owned by Neil Young.

Yes, that Neil Young. 

All this is to say, the studio was a perfect setting to capture my songs in an honest way.

When it comes to making music, honesty is a value I hold higher than any other.

My hope is that when you get a chance to listen to this record, you’ll hear the truth.

You’ll hear real live people playing real live instruments on songs about real live things.

And hopefully, you’ll be moved.  

I can’t wait to show it to you. You’re gonna love it. 

While it may seem like I’m close to putting a pin in this project, it’s just beginning.

I’ll start working through the mixing phase this weekend.

This means I’ll listen through the songs enough times to want to call the whole thing off. 

We’ll dig through the details, take notes and make sure every sound has its place. We’ll cut parts that don’t make sense and “bring down the shaker at 3:06.” Or something.

This is the most tedious part of the recording process and in many ways, the most fun.

Making a record is a series of sequential decisions. Each decision adds or detracts from the finished product. 

We’ve made many of the obvious decisions already and move into the microscopic level as we begin mixing.

The more “correct” we can be in our decision making process, the greater the record will be.

After that, we’ll master (more on this later) the thing and cross all sorts of non-musical bridges—the artwork, whether I’ll release it myself or seek help from a label, in what formats it will be available, and on and on.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way.

First things first, though…the track order!

We recorded four songs and an intro of sorts.

This is how they will appear on the album:


Stoked to share it with you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Come back soon.